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Shame.  Fear.  Blame.  Disconnection.  Depression.  Anxiety.  Anger.  Loneliness.  Meaninglessness.  Failure.  Regret.  Confusion.  Apathy.

You are not alone.  Humans are social and emotional beings.  Living in a culture that drives us to live productive, successful lives, often our more abstract and obscure needs go neglected and we’re left feeling depleted.

I can help.  Through listening, clarifying, understanding, and propositioning meaningful questions, I can help you discover what it means to be well for you and to live a more satisfying life.  All you have to do is commit.

I offer professional therapy services in the Greater Orlando area.  My primary office is centrally located in the beautiful Baldwin Park neighborhood of Orlando, Florida at The Executive Suites of Baldwin Park.  eCounseling and in-home couples counseling/ family therapy services are available upon request.


Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
National Certified Counselor

The Executive Suites of Baldwin Park
4767 New Broad Street
Orlando, FL 32814

Phone: (305) 484-5300
Email: womansbrain@gmail.com

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